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icon7.gif  New Go4 V2.9 [message #1428] Fri, 25 February 2005 11:15
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Dear Go4 users,

the new Go4 version 2.9-0 (build 20900) is available now!

Inside gsi, you can select this version by ". go4login new"
This command selects Go4 version 2.9-0 with ROOT 4.03/02
and Qt 3.3.3. A rebuild of the user analysis (make clean all) is necessary.

Note that the default ". go4login" without specifier will
still enable the previous production version v2.8-0.

Go4 versions available by ". go4login xxx" are now:
"new" = v2.9-0 (ROOT 4.03/02, Qt 3.3.3.)
"pro" = v2.8-0 (ROOT 4.00/08, Qt 3.1.1.)
"old" = v2.7-0 (ROOT 4.00/04, Qt 3.1.1.)
Please see ". go4login -h" for complete list.

For installation outside gsi linux cluster,
the complete Go4 framework v2.9 is downloadable as tarball
at the Go4 website

New features in Go4 v2.9:

1. Keyboard shortcuts for many functions.

2. Settings for Go4 GUI are now saved in the current directory by default in $PWD/.go4/go4localrc and $PWD/.go4/go4toolsrc,
respectively. So different settings for the same login account
are possible now. If the current directory does not contain a Go4
settings file on Go4 GUI startup, it will be created using the
global account preferences at $HOME/.qt. Settings behavior can
be changed using environment variable GO4SETTINGS. If this is
set, the GUI preferences are used from directory
$GO4SETTINGS. If GO4SETTINGS contains keyword ACCOUNT, the Go4
settings at $HOME/.qt are used (like in previous Go4 versions).

3. New context sensitive menus (right mouse button popup) for
all GUI browsers.

4. Root object editor TGedEditor will show up in view panel side
frame instead of top-level X-window. To implement this, the Go4
QtRoot interface has a new widget TQRootWindow which embeds a
root TGCompositeFrame into a QWidget.

5. Superimposed drawn histograms, THStack objects and TMultiGraph will show a TLegend box in view panel. The legend box can be
switched on or off by view panel menu.

6. View panel marker editor: Added polygon shaped regions (TCutG).

7. File browser: Added "Open remote file" functionality to read
objects from TNetFile/XRootd (root:), TWebFile (http:),
and tape library (rfio:).

8. Analysis browser: Objects may be protected against Clear() (histogram reset to 0), and against deletion in the analysis.
Browser shows protection state in 3rd column as "C" and "D" symbols, respectively. Objects created from analysis code are
always protected against deletion, objects created from GUI may
be deleted from GUI again. Protection against clear may be
changed using the browser's right mouse button menu.
The protection state is persistent in the auto save file.

9. Analysis: Histograms associated with Go4 picture objects will
not appear anymore in the analysis Pictures folder, but only in
the Histograms folder.

10. Analysis macro: New analysis macro MainUserAnalysisMacro.C
in directory Go4ExampleSimple. It needs a .rootmap file for
automatically loading all necessary libraries.This file is
created by the new files Makefile and from the example.
One can copy both files from the example, or modify existing files if they contain application specific changes. Look for map- expressions!

11. New Method TGo4Analysis::Print() to print the current setup
of the analysis and the steps.

12. Multiple input file (metafile) for TGo4MbsFile may contain
lines with CINT commands preceded by an "@" character. Commands,
e.g. root macro execution like ".x setup.C", are performed in
between change of event source.

13. Metafiles should have suffix .lml. Then they are recognized
without@. The main programs in the examples have been modified
not to add a .lmd to a .lml file name (update your main program

14. TGo4FileSource: Partial IO functionality - name of the input
event defines name of the tree branch to be read. Additionally,
improved read performance for full event.

15. New Example Go4ExampleMesh to show how to setup an analysis
with non-subsequent analysis steps. May use partial input from
tree branch.

16. Reorganisation of Go4 make files and installation.
Reduced number of Go4 libraries. Removed unnecessary root dictionary information from libraries. Go4 may be installed
without if this is not supported on the system.

17. Implemented .rootmap mechanism to auto-load required Go4
libraries in macros.

18. Bugfix: Preview panel options menu apply to all did not work
for histogram statistics property.

19. Bugfix: Double click in Go4 GUI browsers was not always
working, because of conflict with drag and drop mode.

20. Bugfix: When Submit was called without stopping the analysis before, references set in UserPreLoop() were not updated. Now UserPreLoop() is called also in this case. Additionally,
UserPostLoop() is not called when analysis stops after initialization has failed.

21. Bug fixes: A set of use cases has been set up to test the GUI functionality. Several bugs have been found and fixed performing these use cases. The test procedure has improved the stability of the GUI. It will be extended and used for all
future Go4 updates.

Please contact us in case of trouble;
requests and bug reports are welcome!

Best regards,

the Go4 developer team

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