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Dear EMC developers,

I can confirm the problem of Stefano in the latest external packages jul14. With the EMC the Geometry cannot be written properly at the end of the simulation macro.
I get a segmentation violation with the following output:

*** Break *** segmentation violation
Generating stack trace...
0x0000000101691cab in (anonymous namespace)::TerminalConfigUnix__handleSignal(int) (in + 27
0x00007fff9344b5aa in _sigtramp (in libsystem_platform.dylib) + 26
0x00007fc44be8f360 in <unknown function>
0x000000010159d094 in TClass::GetActualClass(void const*) const (in + 196
0x0000000102d17ae5 in TBufferFile::WriteObjectAny(void const*, TClass const*) (in + 181
0x000000010155d714 in operator<<(TBuffer&, TObject const*) (in + 68
0x00000001015695ec in TObjArray::Streamer(TBuffer&) (in + 716
0x00000001015a5c32 in TClass::StreamerTObjectInitialized(void*, TBuffer&, TClass const*) const (in + 66
0x0000000102d1d0a9 in TClass::Streamer(void*, TBuffer&, TClass const*) const (in + 137
0x0000000102d1693c in TBufferFile::WriteFastArray(void**, TClass const*, int, bool, TMemberStreamer*) (in + 476
0x0000000102f80283 in int TStreamerInfo::WriteBufferAux<char**>(TBuffer&, char** const&, int, int, int, int) (in + 19651
0x0000000102dd578f in TStreamerInfoActions::GenericWriteAction(TBuffer&, void*, TStreamerInfoActions::TConfiguration const*) (in + 111
0x0000000102d1d915 in TStreamerInfoActions::TConfiguredAction::operator()(TBuffer&, void*) const (in + 53
0x0000000102d1c032 in TBufferFile::ApplySequence(TStreamerInfoActions::TActionSequence const&, void*) (in + 994
0x0000000102d1bb87 in TBufferFile::WriteClassBuffer(TClass const*, void*) (in + 583
0x000000010320d53f in TGeoManager::Streamer(TBuffer&) (in + 207
0x00000001015b3160 in TClass::StreamerTObject(void*, TBuffer&, TClass const*) const (in + 96
0x0000000102d1d0a9 in TClass::Streamer(void*, TBuffer&, TClass const*) const (in + 137
0x0000000102d179cc in TBufferFile::WriteObjectClass(void const*, TClass const*) (in + 572
0x0000000102d17c9d in TBufferFile::WriteObjectAny(void const*, TClass const*) (in + 621
0x000000010b087cd5 in FairGeoParSet::Streamer(TBuffer&) (in (G__BaseDict.cxx:4151)
0x0000000102d973cb in TKey::TKey(TObject const*, char const*, int, TDirectory*) (in + 939
0x0000000102d97013 in TKey::TKey(TObject const*, char const*, int, TDirectory*) (in + 51
0x0000000102d3eb31 in TFile::CreateKey(TDirectory*, TObject const*, char const*, int) (in + 97
0x0000000102d2c0da in TDirectoryFile::WriteTObject(TObject const*, char const*, char const*, int) (in + 1642
0x00000001014cacdc in TObject::Write(char const*, int, int) const (in + 380
0x00000001014cae1e in TObject::Write(char const*, int, int) (in + 62
0x000000010af6c993 in FairDetParRootFileIo::write(FairParSet*) (in (FairParSet.h:66)
0x000000010af78a9c in FairRuntimeDb::writeContainer(FairParSet*, FairRtdbRun*, FairRtdbRun*) (in (FairRuntimeDb.cxx:416)
0x000000010af787e5 in FairRuntimeDb::writeContainers() (in (FairRuntimeDb.cxx:299)
0x000000010af794d9 in FairRuntimeDb::saveOutput() (in (FairRuntimeDb.cxx:778)
0x000000010af9df56 in G__G__ParBaseDict_286_0_31(G__value*, char const*, G__param*, int) (in (G__ParBaseDict.cxx:6115)
0x0000000101f60214 in Cint::G__ExceptionWrapper(int (*)(G__value*, char const*, G__param*, int), G__value*, char*, G__param*, int) (in + 148
0x000000010209ab52 in G__execute_call (in + 98
0x000000010209b496 in G__call_cppfunc (in + 1830
0x0000000102058bd5 in G__interpret_func (in + 4965
0x000000010203afdd in G__getfunction (in + 9965
0x00000001021deb04 in G__getstructmem(int, G__FastAllocString&, char*, int, char*, int*, G__var_array*, int) (in + 4884
0x00000001021cd83b in G__getvariable (in + 3243
0x0000000102029adc in G__getitem (in + 2732
0x0000000102028404 in G__getexpr (in + 87268
0x00000001020f310f in G__exec_function(G__FastAllocString&, int*, int*, int*, G__value*) (in + 383
0x00000001020e8459 in G__exec_statement (in + 32121
0x000000010205c130 in G__interpret_func (in + 18624
0x000000010203bf62 in G__getfunction (in + 13938
0x0000000102029bbd in G__getitem (in + 2957
0x0000000102028404 in G__getexpr (in + 87268
0x0000000102012e55 in G__calc_internal (in + 1237
0x00000001020fe986 in G__process_cmd (in + 20342
0x000000010157f7ae in TCint::ProcessLine(char const*, TInterpreter::EErrorCode*) (in + 622
0x000000010158000f in TCint::ProcessLineSynch(char const*, TInterpreter::EErrorCode*) (in + 191
0x000000010148098c in TApplication::ExecuteFile(char const*, int*, bool) (in + 5644
0x000000010147f370 in TApplication::ProcessFile(char const*, int*, bool) (in + 48
0x000000010147ed88 in TApplication::ProcessLine(char const*, bool, int*) (in + 3960
0x00000001027be03b in TRint::Run(bool) (in + 2155
0x0000000101469b57 in main (in root.exe) + 135
0x00007fff8f1165fd in start (in libdyld.dylib) + 1
0x0000000000000004 in <unknown function>
Root > Function sim_complete_vis() busy flag cleared
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