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demo with tracklength not running [message #6464] Wed, 16 April 2008 16:03 Go to previous message
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Hi Sebastian, i was trying to run the macros in demo directory.
But after having run runDemo.C with geane switched ON,
i get nothing.
Do you know why?

my best regards

43 libraries loaded
-I- CbmRunAna: Opening Input file:
Info in <TGeoManager::TGeoManager>: Geometry Geometry, Geane geometry created
Info: TGeoManager::Import : Reading geometry from file:
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: Geometry loaded from file...
Info in <TGeoManager::SetTopVolume>: Top volume is cave. Master volume is cave
Info in <TGeoManager::Voxelize>: Voxelizing...
Info in <TGeoNavigator::BuildCache>: --- Maximum geometry depth set to 100
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: 9 nodes/ 9 volume UID's in CBM geometry
Info in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: ----------------modeler ready----------------
Loading Geant3 libraries ...
Loading Geant3 libraries ... finished

MZSTOR. ZEBRA table base TAB(0) in /MZCC/ at adr 282026719 10CF62DF HEX

MZSTOR. Initialize Store 0 in /GCBANK/
with Store/Table at absolute adrs 282135565 282026719
HEX 10D10C0D 10CF62DF
HEX 1A77A 0
relative adrs 108410 0
with 1 Str. in 2 Links in 5300 Low words in 4999970 words.
This store has a fence of 16 words.

MZLOGL. Set Log Level 0 for store 0
1***** GEANT Version 3.21/11 Released on 100298
0***** Correction Cradle Version 0.1100

MZDIV. Initialize Division Constant in Store 0
NW/NWMAX= 20004000000, MODE/KIND= 1 2
Division 20 initialized.

MZLINK. Initialize Link Area /GCLINK/ for Store 0 NL/NS= 20 20

MZLINK. Initialize Link Area /GCSLNK/ for Store 0 NL/NS= 100 100
-I- G3Config: Geant3 with TGeo has been created for Geane.
Energy straggling area parameter from user set to: 0.9996
CbmMCApplication::ConstructGeometry() : Now closing the geometry
Warning in <TGeoManager::CloseGeometry>: geometry already closed

Calculating cross section tables, see gphysi.dat for more information

Cross section calculation concluded successfully
-I- CbmMCApplication:: Monte carlo Engine Initialisation with TGeant3TGeo
I- CbmGeane::CbmGeane: Geane is Initialized
OBJ: CbmRuntimeDb CbmRuntimeDb Class for runtime database

-I- CbmRunAna::Init : is connected with:

create PndFieldPar container PndFieldPar
create PndFieldPar container PndSolenoidPar
create PndFieldPar container PndDipolePar
create PndFieldPar container PndTransPar
create PndFieldPar container PndConstPar
create PndFieldPar container PndMultiFieldPar

initialisation for run id 1705800566
Container CbmBaseParSet initialized from ROOT file.
Error in <PndFieldPar::init()>: PndFieldPar not initialized
Error in <PndSolenoidPar::init()>: PndSolenoidPar not initialized
Error in <PndDipolePar::init()>: PndDipolePar not initialized
Error in <PndTransPar::init()>: PndTransPar not initialized
Container PndConstPar initialized from ROOT file.
Error in <PndMultiFieldPar::init()>: PndMultiFieldPar not initialized
Error in <CbmRuntimeDb::initContainers()>: Error occured during initialization
------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
-------------- actual containers in runtime database -------------------------
CbmBaseParSet Test class for parameter io
PndFieldPar Field parameter container
PndSolenoidPar Solenoid Field parameter container
PndDipolePar Dipole Field parameter container
PndTransPar Trans. Field parameter container
PndConstPar Const Field parameter container
PndMultiFieldPar Multiple Field parameter container
-------------- runs, versions ------------------------------------------------
run id
container 1st-inp 2nd-inp output
run: 1705800566
CbmBaseParSet -1 -1 0
PndFieldPar -1 -1 0
PndSolenoidPar -1 -1 0
PndDipolePar -1 -1 0
PndTransPar -1 -1 0
PndConstPar -1 -1 0
PndMultiFieldPar -1 -1 0
-------------- input/output --------------------------------------------------
first Input:
OBJ: CbmParRootFile demo.param.root : 0 at: 0x9b9e6b0
Root file I/O demo.param.root is open
detector I/Os: CbmGenericParIo
second input: none
output: none
0 tracks created
DemoKalmanTask::Exec Event 0
DemoToolsTask::Exec Event 0

Macro finished succesfully.
Output file is demo.mcreco.root
Parameter file is demo.param.root
Real time 3.41002 s, CPU time 3.34 s
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