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Toward new geant4, new new root and new vmc: compilation [message #4885] Fri, 10 August 2007 19:45 Go to previous message
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I started to study what is going on with the next external packages, so I will report on the errors and the fixes that will be needed.

I installed geant4 v9.0, root v5.16 and vmc from cvs (developement version - some jobs are still going on).

No problems at all with g4, but for root the needs an update: the option --enable-thread is not exiting anymore, so it should be eliminated.

About PandaRoot, it seems with the new root many includes are now mandatory, such as TROOT and TMath, and something changed in TBuffer -> it should be now TBufferFile.
I write you the list of all the changes that are required, the class name and the corresponding missing include. When something is required inside the code, I put the line number:

geobase/CbmGeoMedium.cxx TMath
geobase/CbmGeoNode.cxx TList
geobase/CbmGeoSet.h TList

parbase/CbmParamList.cxx TBuffer->TBufferFile

base/CbmDetector.cxx TROOT
base/CbmPrimaryGenerator.cxx TMath
base/CbmRunAna.cxx TROOT
base/CbmRootManager.cxx TROOT
base/CbmRunSim.cxx TROOT TSystem
base/CbmTrackParam.cxx TMath
base/CbmTrajFilter.cxx (310) return new(clref[tsize]) TGeoTrack(T->GetId(), T->GetPDG(), T->GetMother(), T->GetParticle()); instead of return new(clref[tsize]) TGeoTrack(*T);

passive/CbmGeoPassivePar.cxx TObjArray

field/CbmFieldMap.cxx TMath

generators/CbmBoxGenerator.cxx TMath

pgenerators/PndBoxGenerator.cxx TMath

stt2/CbmSttMinuitTrackFitter.h TList
stt2/CbmGeoSttPar.cxx TObjArray

stt2/CbmSttFitTracksQa.cxx (201) view = TView::CreateView(1); instead of view = new TView(1);
stt2/CbmSttHit.cxx TMath

tpc/TpcGeoPar.cxx TObjArray
tpc/LinearInterpolPolicy.cxx TMath
tpc/TpcPRLookupTable.cxx TMath
tpc/TpcSpaceChargeTask.h <vector>
tpc/TpcEFieldCyl.cxx TMath
tpc/TpcDevmapCyl.cxx TMath
tpc/TpcPSAplot.cxx TAxis
tpc/tpcreco/TpcZSFit.h TMath
tpc/tpcreco/TpcConfMapFit.cxx TMath
tpc/tpcreco/test/TpcRecoTester.cxx TMath
tpc/tpcreco/StdDiscriminantFcn.cxx TMath
tpc/tpcreco/TpcRiemannHit.cxx TMath
tpc/tpcreco/TpcRiemannTrack.cxx TMath
tpc/tpcreco/TpcRiemannHTCorrelator.cxx TMath

mvd/MvdMC/MvdGeoPar.cxx TObjArray
mvd/MvdReco/MvdHitMaker.h <vector>
mvd/MvdReco/MvdSimpleHitMaker.cxx TMath.h

emc/CbmEmcHit.h <vector>
emc/CbmEmcHitProducer.cxx TROOT
emc/EmcHitsToWaveform.cxx TROOT
emc/EmcMakeCluster.cxx TROOT
emc/EmcCluster.h <vector>
emc/EmcMakeDigi.cxx TROOT

genfit/Kalman.cxx TMath
genfit/LSLEQM.cxx TMath
genfit/LSLTrackRep.cxx TMath
genfit/Nystrom.cxx TMath

dch/PndDchDrifter.cxx TMath

lhetrack/TpcLheCMPoint.cxx TMath

trackbase/CbmGeaneUtil.cxx TMath

The changes for blue lines are already put in svn, while I did not touch the others because:
a) I cannot (base, parbase, geobase, generators)
b) I do not know if people are working on the files (tpc, dch, genfit)
c) I am not so sure if the changes are compatible with our root 5.14 (stt2/CbmSttFitTracksQa.cxx)

If you could update the missing stuff, we will save a lot of time and work when we will move to new external packages.

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