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Dear Go4 users,

the new Go4 version 2.8-0 (build 20800) is available now!

Inside gsi, you can select this version by
". go4login pro" or just ". go4login"
This command selects Go4 version 2.8-0 with ROOT 4.00/08
and Qt 3.1.1. A rebuild of the user analysis (make clean all) is necessary.

Go4 versions available by ". go4login xxx" are now:
"new" = v2.8-0 (ROOT 4.00/08, Qt 3.1.1. , with future bugfixes)
"pro" = v2.8-0 (ROOT 4.00/08, Qt 3.1.1. , from release tarball)
"old" = v2.7-0 (ROOT 4.00/04, Qt 3.1.1.)
Please see ". go4login -h" for complete list.

For installation outside gsi linux cluster,
the complete Go4 framework v2.8 is downloadable as tarball
at the Go4 website

New features in Go4 v2.8 (Sep04)

1. Marker editor in view panel allows for marking
channels or windows. Labels and arrows can be created. All
marker elements can be saved/restored.

2. New ROOT graphical editor can be called from view panel.
The editor dynamically adjusts to the graphical object
selected by LMB.

3. Viewpanel window title: can optionally be set by user and
may be kept constant. If a TGo4Picture is displayed, the
picture name defines the viewpanel title.

4. Condition editor: the cursor mode has been removed because the
functionality is now provided by the markers

5. Condition, markers and labels: Implemented correct root
streamer (bugfix), i.e. saving and loading these objects
in root files is possible with fully recovered functionality
and graphical properties. Support of pad display in
lin/log scale (bugfix). Additional controls in RMB menu
root (set ranges, location, save default properties,
reset). Default label setup stored with go4 GUI settings.

6. Polygon condition: Implemented statistics functions for
work histogram under the cut (integral, mean, rms, etc.).
Enabled "InsertPoint/RemovePoint" function in RMB menu (bugfix).

7. Fit GUI: Selection between sigma and FWHM (default) by
Settings->Recalculate gauss width. Fit results may be
printed to terminal or Go4 logfile output.

8. 1D drawing: ROOT "L" (line) "C" (curve) "B" (bar chart)
"P0" (poly-marker) line styles supported.

9. Histograms: re-binning, projections, and profiles
supported (standard ROOT methods with RMB). Automatic
"synchronize with memory" on pad click to get newly
created histograms.

10. Histogram client: monitoring implemented (auto-update).
Drag and drop support. Display error message when server
connection is not available (bugfix). Store server
specification in Go4 settings.

11. File store: Storing objects into a ROOT file a title is
prompted. This title can be seen in the Go4 browser and
the ROOT browser.

12. UserObjects folder: With AddObject(...) histograms,
parameters and conditions can be put into folders of the
UserObjects folder. They can be located there by the
standard Get methods, e.g. GetHistogram. Editors work also
with objects in these folders. Note: object names must
be unique!

13. Log window: Empty messages are now suppressed (bug fix).

14. QtROOT interface: bug fix concerning initialization
order of X11 system (ROOT init now before Qt init).
Lead to crash of the main gui on newer linux systems
when using Qt versions > 3.1 (FEDORA2, SuSe9.1)

15. Thread manager: bug fix: adjusted default exception
handling to work with newer that uses
one process for all threads (e.g. FEDORA2). This lead
to a crash when go4 threads were canceled
(shutdown of the go4 GUI).

16. Analysis Framework: bug fix: analysis without analysis
step (UserEventFunc only) again possible.

17. Client startup script: full PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
of the Go4 GUI environment is passed to the
analysis process.


Please contact us in case of trouble;
requests and bug reports are welcome!

Best regards,

the Go4 developer team
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