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problem with TrackCand [message #8137] Mon, 23 March 2009 19:02
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Dear all,
i'm using te genfit package for the tracking.

I have already being working a while without having problems.
Now after the release 3834 i'm start having problems to
build my candidates as a TrackCand. Specially by using
the function SetCandidate(pointer to trackcand class) of Track.h

See PndHypDPatternReco.cxx at hyp/hypTracking

to reproduce the problem
run sim_pid.C
change the output path in hit_hyp.C
and create the hits objects
and then run runReco.C

as i have already told at version 3834 of genfit is everything ok.
but after this version not.

I don't really understand what it is going on, can any of you experts help me.?
thanks in advance
alicia S.

that is the message i'm getting

<<<<< Event 127 <<<
particle 3312
hits track 16

*** Break *** floating point exception
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/".
Attaching to program: /proc/4346/exe, process 4346
Failed to read a valid object file image from memory.
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
[New Thread 16384 (LWP 4346)]
0x4117f788 in waitpid () from /lib/
#1 0x412078c0 in __DTOR_END__ () from /lib/
#2 0x41118442 in do_system () from /lib/
#3 0x41093c5f in system () from /lib/
#4 0x40237363 in TUnixSystem::Exec (this=0x80e2a78,
#5 0x40237836 in TUnixSystem::StackTrace (this=0x80e2a78) at core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:2121
#6 0x402356f5 in TUnixSystem::DispatchSignals (this=0x80e2a78, sig=kSigFloatingException) at core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:1089
#7 0x402336b4 in SigHandler (sig=kSigFloatingException) at core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:351
#8 0x4023a6d3 in sighandler (sig=8) at core/unix/src/TUnixSystem.cxx:3344
#9 0x41092825 in __pthread_sighandler () from /lib/
#10 <signal handler called>
#11 0x442974b1 in TrackCand::operator= (this=0xa80e4dc, _ctor_arg=@0xa7396d0) at /d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/build/genfit/genfitDict.cxx:3251
#12 0x44296579 in Track::setCandidate (this=0xa80e4c0, cand=@0xa7396d0, reset=false) at /d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/trunk/genfit/Track.cxx:79
#13 0x451506f1 in PndHypDPatternRecoTask::Exec (this=0x9e12f30, opt=0x43d54200 "")
at /d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/trunk/hyp/hypTracking/PndHypDPatternRecoT ask.cxx:248
#14 0x401b16af in TTask::ExecuteTasks (this=0x86ae100, option=0x43d54200 "") at core/base/src/TTask.cxx:298
#15 0x401b14b1 in TTask::ExecuteTask (this=0x86ae100, option=0x43d54200 "") at core/base/src/TTask.cxx:261
#16 0x43cd69e1 in FairRunAna::Run (this=0x86ae078, Ev_start=0, Ev_end=4787) at /d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/trunk/base/FairRunAna.cxx:248
#17 0x43d176bc in G__FairDict_532_0_5 (result7=0xbfa1fd80, funcname=0x86ac0d0 "\001", libp=0xbfa19f00, hash=0)
at /d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/build/base/FairDict.cxx:9288
#18 0x407b6126 in Cint::G__ExceptionWrapper (funcp=0x43d175b8 <G__FairDict_532_0_5>, result7=0xbfa1fd80, funcname=0x86ac0d0 "\001", libp=0xbfa19f00,
hash=0) at cint/cint/src/Api.cxx:364
#19 0x408757f5 in G__execute_call (result7=0xbfa1fd80, libp=0xbfa19f00, ifunc=0x86ac0d0, ifn=0) at cint/cint/src/newlink.cxx:2305#20 0x40875ed8 in G__call_cppfunc (result7=0xbfa1fd80, libp=0xbfa19f00, ifunc=0x86ac0d0, ifn=0) at cint/cint/src/newlink.cxx:2471
#20 0x40875ed8 in G__call_cppfunc (result7=0xbfa1fd80, libp=0xbfa19f00, ifunc=0x86ac0d0, ifn=0) at cint/cint/src/newlink.cxx:2471
#21 0x40855818 in G__interpret_func (result7=0xbfa1fd80, funcname=0xbfa1f980 "Run", libp=0xbfa19f00, hash=309, p_ifunc=0x86ac0d0, funcmatch=1,
memfunc_flag=1) at cint/cint/src/ifunc.cxx:5245
#22 0x40834ca1 in G__getfunction (item=0xbfa227d6 "Run(0,nEvents)", known3=0xbfa2201c, memfunc_flag=1) at cint/cint/src/func.cxx:2534
#23 0x40940b6b in G__getstructmem (store_var_type=112, varname=0xbfa20010 "8r+\b)", membername=0xbfa227d6 "Run(0,nEvents)", tagname=0xbfa20220 "fRun",
known2=0xbfa2201c, varglobal=0x409ebec0, objptr=2) at cint/cint/src/var.cxx:6623
#24 0x409329d7 in G__getvariable (item=0xbfa227d0 "fRun->Run(0,nEvents)", known=0xbfa2201c, varglobal=0x409ebec0, varlocal=0x0)
at cint/cint/src/var.cxx:5252
#25 0x40825f01 in G__getitem (item=0xbfa227d0 "fRun->Run(0,nEvents)") at cint/cint/src/expr.cxx:1884
#26 0x4082387b in G__getexpr (expression=0xbfa240a0 "fRun->Run(0,nEvents)") at cint/cint/src/expr.cxx:1470
#27 0x4089fde5 in G__exec_function (statement=0xbfa240a0 "fRun->Run(0,nEvents)", pc=0xbfa244cc, piout=0xbfa244c4, plargestep=0xbfa244b4,
presult=0xbfa24070) at cint/cint/src/parse.cxx:601
#28 0x408af2a6 in G__exec_statement (mparen=0xbfa24550) at cint/cint/src/parse.cxx:6972
#29 0x407fa6ab in G__exec_tempfile_core (file=0xbfa2d8a0 "/d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/trunk/macro/hyp/./runReco.C", fp=0x0)
at cint/cint/src/debug.cxx:251
#30 0x407fbee1 in G__exec_tempfile (file=0xbfa2d8a0 "/d/pndint02/asanchez/FairFeb09/trunk/macro/hyp/./runReco.C") at cint/cint/src/debug.cxx:798
#31 0x408bb4e2 in G__process_cmd (line=0x406e9b0e "cave_1", prompt=0x80e6264 "", more=0x80e625c, err=0xbfa2e11c, rslt=0xbfa2e120)
at cint/cint/src/pause.cxx:3074
#32 0x4021e958 in TCint::ProcessLine (this=0x80e6240, line=0x406e9b0e "cave_1", error=0xbfa30924) at core/meta/src/TCint.cxx:339
#33 0x4021ed70 in TCint::ProcessLineSynch (this=0x80e6240, line=0x406e9b0e "cave_1", error=0xbfa30924) at core/meta/src/TCint.cxx:406
#34 0x401357c5 in TApplication::ExecuteFile (file=0xbfa2e8c3 "runReco.C", error=0xbfa30924) at core/base/src/TApplication.cxx:935
#35 0x40135094 in TApplication::ProcessFile (this=0x81078b8, file=0xbfa2e8c3 "runReco.C", error=0xbfa30924) at core/base/src/TApplication.cxx:825
#36 0x40134fd7 in TApplication::ProcessLine (this=0x81078b8, line=0xbfa2e8c0 ".x runReco.C", sync=false, err=0xbfa30924)
at core/base/src/TApplication.cxx:798
#37 0x4101d78c in TRint::Run (this=0x81078b8, retrn=false) at core/rint/src/TRint.cxx:355
#38 0x08048ece in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfa309e4) at main/src/rmain.cxx:29
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