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icon7.gif  New Go4 Version 2.10-0 [message #1884] Thu, 30 June 2005 13:17
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Dear Go4 users,

the new Go4 version 2.10-0 (build 21000) is available now!

Inside gsi, you can use this version by ". go4login pro"
or just ". go4login".
This command selects Go4 version 2.10-0 with ROOT 4.04/02
and Qt 3.3.3. A rebuild of the user analysis (make clean all) is necessary.

Note that ". go4login new" will select version v2.10-0 extracted from developer repository, i.e. with future bugfixes.

Go4 versions available by ". go4login xxx" have changed as follows:

"new": previously v2.9-0, now v2.10-0 repository (ROOT 4.04/02, Qt 3.3.3.)

"pro": previously v2.8-0, now v2.10-0 release (ROOT 4.04/02, Qt 3.3.3.)

"old": previously v2.7-0, now v2.9-0 release (ROOT 4.03/02, Qt 3.3.3.)

Please see ". go4login -h" for complete list.

For installation outside gsi linux cluster, the complete Go4 framework v2.10 is downloadable as tarball at the Go4 website

New features in Go4 v2.10:

1. Go4TaskHandler redesign: Decouple client and server tasks from master and slave role. This implies that analysis can run in the network both as server or client task (as in previous Go4 versions). Vice versa, gui can run either as client or as server (previous behavior). Additionally, TGo4AnalysisClient
class now inherits TGo4Slave (previously TGo4ClientTask), and TGo4Display inherits TGo4Master (previously TGo4ServerTask). One analysis server can be connected by many Go4 GUIs (one controller/administrator GUI, and several observer GUIs).

2. Go4TaskHandler redesign: Password for login of master client to slave server with accounts for administrator, controller, and observer roles. Additionally, some Go4 commands are forbidden if master is logged in with a low priority account (observer e.g. may not reconfigure analysis, but only request objects for display). Default passwords may be changed in UserAnalysis code.

3. Go4GUI prepared to run with analysis server: Command go4 -client will start the GUI master task in client mode. In this case, the Launch analysis dialogue requests for login account, password, node and connection port of the analysis server. Moreover, a client GUI may first launch a new analysis server in an xterm and connect to it afterwards.

4. Example of analysis server in package Go4Example2Step: MainUserAnalysis may be started from command line with option –server as third argument (first arguments like batch), thus starting the analysis as server. Processing starts immediately (no submit from GUI necessary). Command line parameters of this example will set additional boolean arguments (servermode, autorun) of TGo4AnalysisClient constructor appropriately.

5. ROOT macro execution with Go4 analysis server: A Go4 environment and analysis server can be started from any ROOT session in the background (.x go4Init.C). Go4 GUIs may connect to this server and request data from running analysis macros, or control macro via Start/Stop buttons. New methods TGo4Analysis::WaitForStart() to poll for the Go4 environment running state, and TGo4Analysis::Process() to invoke the Go4 analysis loop explicitely from ROOT macro (checks also for STOP). Example macros hsimple.C, hsimplego4.C and treedrawgo4.C

6. Analysis: UserPreLoop() and UserPostLoop() are only executed once when analysis running state is changing. In previous versions, each press on Start, or Stop button, respectively, would execute the corresponding method another time. Bugfix: postloop was called twice if analysis client was terminated in running state.

7. Bugfix: MbsAPI/f_evt.c (close of streamserver).

8. Bugfix: Labels for conditions and markers were not drawn correctly in logscale anymore for ROOT v>4.03/02.

9. Bugfix: Adjusted reallocation behaviour in TGo4Socket and TGo4Buffer to changed definition of TBuffer::kIsOwner flag for ROOT versions>4.03/02

10. Bugfix: Monitoring list reset after disconnect. Monitoring entries were sometimes deactivated after reconnecting analysis.

11. Fixed several small memory leaks.

Please use the go4 mailing list , or the Go4 forum at (Scientific Computing) for any questions, requests, and discussion.

Contact us in case of trouble; any bug reports are welcome!

Best regards,

the Go4 developer team
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