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icon4.gif  Gruß von Jeff Kodosky [message #1803] Fri, 24 June 2005 06:05
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Liebe Mitglieder und Freunde der LabVIEW User Group,
Jeff Kodosky hat mir folgende Zeilen als Antwort auf
Fragen zur Zukunft LabVIEWs geschrieben

Hi Herbert,
I had forwarded your last email to our marketing folks who work specifically with authors to provide timely information about upcoming releases. Did anyone ever contact you? These days I'm not very directly involved in the detailed planning of what goes into which version so the most accurate information would come from those folks. I'm currently working on a number of very speculative things that wouldn't make sense to talk about yet, although I could mention a couple in general terms. First, let me give you some brief answers to your questions. Yes, there will be a 64-bit version of LabVIEW, some support is coming in 8, but I'm not sure when it will be fully 64-bit. OO capabilities are in the works. We had hoped to get the first stage in version 8, but it wasn't far enough along to make the deadline. It is definitely coming, though. I don't know what's going on with scalable icons. My own view is that we need to make a major upgrade to our block diagram graphics in general. We're not exploiting the high performance graphics engines that are common on today's machines as much as we could. There are folks looking at this, but I don't know what the plan is yet. PCIe is very important and we will definitely support it (we already have GPIB and image boards). I have seen a roadmap of future product releases but I don't remember what is coming when (even if I remembered, I probably wouldn't be allowed to give you any details anyway Wink. As far as my speculative projects go, I continue to work on timing representation. In fact, there are several people working with me looking at it from a couple of different points of view. Our initial focus is to be able to represent the precise timing available on a real parallel target such as an FPGA. An open question is how best to deal with truly asynchronous timing of an external trigger, or whether synchronizing to the master clock is sufficient. Several constructs have been incorporated into LabVIEW already (timed loop; single-cycle loop for FPGA), and the FPGA folks are able to implement designs with precise timing using today's LabVIEW, but we think there ought to be a simpler and more intuitive way to specify some of this behavior, and that is what we are focused on. Another project I have been interested in, and now have an intern working with me on it, is verification. The thought is that maybe we could provide some tools to assist in the verification of the behavior of a diagram. It is fairly Computer Science oriented, but we are thinking that maybe we have some advantages in our environment that could make verification easier and thus help it become more main-stream. The rest of my projects are even more speculative that these two (!) but I'll mention one more in general terms, just for fun. Many people have argued over whether LabVIEW is a "real" programming language or not. Without rehashing that topic, I think the point would be moot if it were possible to write LabVIEW in LabVIEW. So, I have been thinking about what it would take to do that and what the architecture might look like, and what the benefits might be. There are no plans to do this yet, but it is fun to think about.
Best regards,

Dear Jeff,
congratulations to LabVIEW 8.
IŽm really excited how NI addresses professional development issues now.
At the moment IŽm writing my fifth book about LabVIEW (together with Holger Brand)
and will finish an article about LabVIEW 8
for the well known German cŽt magazine after getting the permission of National Instruments.
I would appreciate it very much if you could send me some thoughts about LabVIEW as you did
three years ago when we started the LabVIEW Usergroup Central Europe.
As you mentioned in your last mail there is always a virtual wishlist
in the LabVIEW user community that keeps your developers busy.
I picked some software/hardware questions of our last Usergroup meeting

- will there be a real 64-bit version of LabVIEW?
- will we see much more object oriented technologies in the next LabVIEW versions?
- will scaleable ICONs be supported? (Longhorn Avalon)
- when will PCIe DAQ boards be available?
IŽm looking forward to hear from you again.

Best wishes and greetings from Franconia

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